Sookshma Centre for Overall Well-being

Sookshma Center for Overall Well-being is a holistic abode of overall welfare of an individual. The center is built on the foundation of Principles of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda caring for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Our Centre creates an ecosystem to nurture tender and subtle energy in the body that will not only guide and protect the self, but also create abundance of positive thoughts that in turn can be channeled in creating health, wealth and peace.

The goal is to impart the scientific knowledge of mind, and body along with ancient wisdom to uplift the human spirit to higher state of consciousness and add tremendous positive value to multiple dimensions of life and all possible planes of our existence.

Sunita Bapooji

Sunita Bapooji is a Divine guru of Meditation and Yoga who has positively influenced people and created abundance in lives of thousands all over the world. Her healing energy emphasizes on the purity of thought through which Inner Bliss and in turn healing is attained. Techniques like asanas/postures and breathing exercises are built on a strong foundation of Inner self.

She is also a classical Vocalist who heals humanity through her music. Sunita conducts Sookshma Yoga wellness programs to promote healing and rejuvenate body and mind for overall well being with a natural life style.

She has been providing knowledge of the Self, caring for the mind and body, by blending the latest advancements in science along with ancient wisdom for enhancing families, individuals and societies in creating healthy and peaceful lives. Any person coming into her shadow receives the wisdom of light.

Coming from a family of Ayurvedic Physicians in India, practicing the science of natural living by birth, she breathes peace in and out. Her own experiences and observations evolved into a system of yoga called Sookshma Yoga. She realized the potential of every single cell in the body and ability to take advantage of the inherent energy system and guidance in every individual to create peace and harmony.

She believes that Peace and Creativity are Natural states of Life. Her Mission has been to impart this experience and knowledge in form of workshops in music, dance, yoga and meditation since twenty five years in India , Africa and North America.

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Sunita Bapooji business card

Sunita Bapooji business card