Questions and Answers about Sookshma – What is Sookshma?

  • What is Sookshma?

    Sookshma – meditation, yoga and healthy living pioneered by Sunita Bapooji is a scientific, soulful and practical approach to create a healthy integrated life in health, finances and relationships to achieve overall well-being.

    Sookshma has its roots in Ancient Indian Yogic Wisdom that has stood the test of time. This form of Yoga and meditation allows one to easily tap into the inner creative potential to create abundance in all dimensions of life.

    Enhanced and evolved over a period of 30 years of practise, study & experience, Sunita Bapooji guides individuals and families with pure unconditional love and compassion.

    “Sookshma” translates into English as “micro” and Sookshma meditation and yoga unfolds the micro-cosmic energy present within us in every cell of the body.

    Through guided meditations along with yoga techniques and an integrated healthy life, the practice of Sookshma awakens this micro-cosmic energy to rejuvenate & revitalise body and mind, to tap into the infinite power of spirit for moving into higher states of consciousness.

    This awareness and wisdom allows those who learn and practice Sookshma meditation and yoga to manifest positive change in all aspects of their lives.


    • Is a bridge between ancient wisdom and the pursuit of inner peace while living a modern fast-paced life-style.
    • Has foundation in ancient principles of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.
    • Is Divine healing energy to cleanse and heal physical, mental and emotional imbalances.
    • Prevents and cures lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS and many more.
    • Exercises that are simple, subtle and easy for one and all, from children to seniors, yet bring a dramatic change in the way we live.
    • Awakens the inherent pure energy and creative potential hiding in everyone.
    • Channels Positive Energy in to all dimensions of life, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Moral and Ethical.
    • Creates Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • What are the benefits of learning and practicing Sookshma?

    Following are the immediate benefits students of Sookshma have realized with the guidance of Sunita Bapooji.

    • Facilitating breakthroughs in personal health, finances/education/career and the achievement of inner peace.
    • Enabling increased focus and concentration in children, teenagers and adults.
    • Creating improved communion in marriage and relationships.
    • Healing emotional and psycho-somatic problems in individuals.
    • Curing chronic physical problems like joint pains, lack of muscle coordination, irregular bowel movement, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes…
    • Eliminating mental ailments like anxiety, depression, loneliness and emotional trauma.
  • How can you tell that Sookshma is working after the first few sessions?

    • Physical healing – may experience headaches, physical pains as the toxins clear in the first few sessions.
    • Cleansing of Emotional toxins – experience range of emotions from anger, skepticism, frustration, emotional pain.
    • Empowers one to seek positive transformation as the Inner strength builds up
    • Bring out the inner and outer glow
    • Thrive (not suffer) in the ups and downs of life
    • Create peace and stability within
    • Dissolve fear and tap into even greater self-confidence

    As the healing starts, one notices changes in skin tone, voice and smile. More significantly, the mind performs with decreased interference of emotional clutter thereby increasing clarity of thought, an increased ability to envision and create supportive feelings for the well-being of the self and others. This induces strong action and leads to positive results.

Questions and Answers about Sookshma Centre for Overall Well-being

  • What is Sookshma Centre for Overall Well-being?

    Sookshma Centre for Overall Well-being is a holistic abode of overall welfare of an individual. The center is built on the foundation of Principles of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda caring for Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Are there branches of this Center outside Vancouver areas?

    Currently our only branch is in Surrey, BC. We are in the process of expansion to other parts of the Greater Vancouver area.

  • Does the Center conduct workshops in different parts of the world?

    Yes, we have in the past conducted workshops in India, Zambia, USA and Canada, and are constantly finding ways to reach humanity around the globe and provide solace in their life by bringing awareness of Mind, Body and Spirit through our programs.

  • What is special about this Centre?

    This Centre is established with the sole purpose of serving the world for a cause of connecting one to Inner Bliss we inherently possess. The values come from ancient tradition of Yogic wisdom that had explored and mastered the scientific human thought for ages. The Centre takes pride in bringing this wisdom into a form that is easily understood by everyone and practically applicable to the modern ways of living for leading a healthy and wealthy life.

  • How is this center different from other Yoga and meditation Centers?

    Sookshma Centre works at three different levels:

    1. Teaching Yoga and Meditation in its Purest form as proposed by the author of Principles of Yoga, Sage Patanjali.
    2. Unconditional Love of Divine Master Sunita Bapooji
    3. Pure divine healing energy that the Master works with for the sole purpose of seeing the divine smile in every student who comes to the centre.

    Sookshma Centre goes to the basics and brings out the pure essence of Yoga and Meditation as summarized in one line by Sage Patanjali:

    “Yoga Chittha Vritthi Nirodhaha”, translates to “Yoga stops the fluctuations and aberrations of Mind/Thought”

    Sookshma Centre believes that Purity of thought forms the foundation of any spiritually enriching path; Unless purity of thought is attained Mind and Body are always in a constant struggle and this chaos in thoughts leads to Psychological and Physical manifestations of any disease.

    Also our Centre believes that any spiritual enlightenment should enable one to create abundant health, wealth and peace and selflessly share that with rest of the humanity.

  • Does the Centre offer classes in Yoga and meditation on a regular basis?

    Yes, we offer continuous enhancement classes on a regular basis for individuals that have complete a set of 16 Sookshma sessions with Sunita.

  • Do you have special programs for Kids?

    Yes, we have Kids classes to give them guidance and understanding of Body and Mind. Also we have Summer camps that we regularly conduct to educate, entertain and enlighten the tender souls.

  • Can we get an individual consultation with Sunita?

    Yes, individual consultations are out most popular ways of connecting with Sunita Bapooji. Please contact us at 778-571-2443 for further details and find your spot for one on one session with Sunita.

  • Do you conduct wellness workshops and stress management classes for Corporate offices?

    We are constantly conducting wellness workshops in various communities in all parts of the world. These programs also include our “Unwind the Stress” workshop which is very popular with our corporate partners and clients. Please check with us to arrange a workshop for your Organization and bring every into the harmonious path of bliss and peace that eventually create higher productivity and gains in business.

  • Are their any discounts for the Non Profits organizations like Cancer agencies, Hospitals, Children’s orphanages?

    Yes we are constantly working with Non profit organizations in catering to the needy about the Mind-Body awareness. Our Sister Non-profit organization, “Peace Tree Innovations Society” created by students of Sookshma is always looking for ways of bringing this divine healing energy to various Hospitals, Orphanages, Senior Homes and other Non profit organizations.