Anjali – Songs from my Heart

Presenting… Sunita Bapooji’s healing music: Anjali: Songs from My Heart

Sunita's music CD, Anjali has healing vibrations, It soothes a person at all levels, mental, physical and spiritual–Sam

I play Sunita's music to put my child to sleep. The moment I press the play button, he becomes calm and relaxed–Rupa

My child has skin allergies and is always disturbed and gets cranky easily. But Sunita's healing vibrations in her voice calms my child and helps relax–Katherine

I have been suffering from insomnia for a long time. But now when I play Sunita's Anjali, I easily fall into sleep and wake up with with a very pleasant smile–Jessy

Thanks to Sunita's divine voice. It helps me meditate very easily. Her voice very easily takes one to a different state of consciousness and transcends the physical and mental plane. I know Sunita through her voice. I have listened to many stalwarts of Indian classical music, but Sunita's rendering is all together at a different plane. It is Simply Divine –Dr.Suman

Many times after work when I am driving home, I used to play Sunita's music in my car and it used to instantly¬†unwind my stress. Her voice used to bring me back to the nest of comfort and peace–Christina

Anytime I am in Stress, I just play Sunita's music in my Blackberry and instantly I feel relaxed and all my mental agitation disappears.–John

Sunita's music is different. Anjali has many songs and bhajans in form of different ragas from Indian classical music. But once listening to her, the healing voice transcends language and cultural barriers. You no longer are listening to her words, but connected to her soul. It elevates one to a higher state of energy–Mike

I get up in the morning and have many things to attend. These chores can easily stress me out. But when I play Sunita's music everything falls in place naturally. I am no more worried. Just her voice carries me through the rest of the day–Shobha

Sunita's voice is not only classical but very soulful–Das