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Sookshma Center for Overall Well-being is a holistic abode of overall welfare of an individual. The center is built on the foundation of Principles of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda caring for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Having been born and raised in the yogic tradition with a family that was filled with ayurvedic medical practitioners, I grew up imbibing and practising the great values of this tradition. My own life experiences and realizations helped me tailor and design a program called Sookshma (ancient yogic secrets for youthful living and happiness).

My father, my first guru, a gemologist, an agriculturist, a strict disciplinarian and a freedom fighter who strictly tried to follow Gandhis principles his whole life used to tell me,

“A teacher has to be knowledgeable, understanding and be able to see the potential in each unique student. Importantly, a teacher has to teach with compassion and love.”

By having taught students of all ages with varied fitness levels and from various cultural backgrounds for the past twenty five years in India, Zambia, USA and Canada, I have come to understand the wisdom behind his words.

My professional philosophy is to inspire my students to live a healthy lifestyle and to impart every one of my students with an education of the highest quality that encourages them to incorporate the ancient yogic way of living into their lives. My aim is to try and enrich their life with the yogic tradition that I have greatly benefited from my whole life.

“I always believe that there is nothing superior to goodness … kindly goodness.”

Lots of love,


Click here to purchase tickets for the March 11,2018 Sookshma Retreat in Coquitlam:

Peacetree - March 11 2018 - Retreat

Peacetree – March 11 2018 – Retreat

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Sookshma by Sunita Bapooji

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"I've been coming to Sunita for the last 12 years and she has helped me immensely.  I feel that coming to Sunita heals you from the inside out. Sometimes you feel like you come to her broken  (may it be physical or mental)but by the time you leave you feel completely healed. Sunita not only helps you with practicing yoga and meditation but she also shares with you her knowledge of  natural and ayurvedic remedies which are very helpful in the healing process.  I also sometimes feel like she's my counsellor because she spends a lot of time listening and providing feedback to any of my underlying personal issues which may be hindering my progress.  What Sunita provides us with is more than any basic community yoga class, she deals with the whole package from the physical to the mental and even the spiritual."B G, Vancouver

"The chronic neck and shoulder pain from old injuries is clearing with practice of Sookshma yoga. Mentally, I respond more positively and creatively when problems and blocks arise, spending less time worrying and "increasing my misery". Judy Abrams (Co-Director of "Fins in the Forest" [environmental education project])

"Sunita's Yoga instruction clarifies the mind as well as strengthens the body. In fact, I have had some of my best research insights after practicing Sookshma in her class." Brian Fisher, Associate Professor in the SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology)

Sunita Bapooji has a powerful empathy that allows her to relate, heal and empower the individual that learns Sookshma with her... this is my experience. Sookshma is more than techniques; It is a way of living. When I practice Sookshma, I can think with more clarity, I feel with less attachment, and I'm more effective at what I do, be it at work or play. Abhishek Valaboju

Sookshma Yoga's divine healing energy cleans all the impurities of body and mind. Sunita took my creative energy to great heights. I used to practice Hatha Yoga in community centers. But when I met Sunita there was no looking back. She took me to the basics of Yoga, Purity of thought to find the Inner bliss. I realized that Yoga is more than asanas and postures.Dr. Suman Kollipara – Film Maker

I started getting better grades at my school and my focus and concentration levels have increased.Kavya

My Diabetes is under complete control after I started to practice Sookshma Yoga. Sunita is a tower of pure divine energy. Gaitry Kaul, Vocalist/Radio Host, News Anchor

"Guru Sunita is rare gem. Her teaching is helping me to be a better and more healthy person. With Sunita, I practice yoga in a totally new way, focusing on the mind (attitude) and emotions as they are deeply situated in the body. "Linda T. Kaastra (MMUS, Instructor, UCFV)

"The energy levels and vibrations were extremely high all week. I would like that feeling to continue forever."Tamana Natha (Reiki Master)

"I started Sookshma yoga with Sunita upon the recommendation of my doctor. I needed a style of exercise that promoted all elements of movement. I am very pleased with the results of the classes. I feel more focused, relaxed and better able to study. Andrea McCallum B.P.E

"Since I have learned the breathing and stretching techniques I have been feeling less tired and stressed. My posture is improving after I had my children. I never had time or the right exercises to start getting my body into shape. I am also sleeping much better as I'm finding it easier to relax before bed since I practice a lot of the exercises before bed.Melissa M

"Dear Sunita, I love your classes so much. I can fall asleep so much easier than before. And it is a lot easier to do my work at school and at home. It is so much easier to just sit down and relax and when I get hyper I can calm myself easier. It has given me lots of inner confidence and helped me learn to love myself before anyone else." Courtney (Grade 6 student)

"Dear Sunita, I have found your yoga class most enjoyable. The simple work we do has really helped me respect my body, not abuse it. I am more physically open. I like the playful loving atmosphere you create. I am glad you teach us to love ourselves. You helped me to let go of my ego and have fun in class. Thank you." Cathy P

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